THE BOTTOM: "gut.air.cut...ear"

is the name of KvG's first album with electroacoustic compositions from 2009.
still fresh, but never released.
KvG made use of fieldrecordings, objects, samples, various string instruments, good microphones, friends - and of course the double bass.
he spent many hours of processing sounds in the studio afterwards.

stream the mp3-album here or download it as zip-file including cover.

1) klaro 0:43
2) balance 3:20
3) paperbags 1:51
4) leaders digest 2:19
5) fluid I 1:37
6) extra 0:32
7) kimchi 3:45
8) former future 6:12
9) basta 0:42
10) fluid II 2:00
11) vil du läsa svensk 2:29
12) skogbas 3:43

violin (track 3) by Ines Brodbeck.
trombone on track 4 by Lukas Briggen.
drums and cymbals (track 4) and kitchen percussion (track 7) by Patrik Zosso.
voice (track 7) by Kyung-ae Kim.
bass clarinet (track 7) by Yosvani Quintero.
paperbags was inspired by a video of Angela Anzi.
coverart by Floh von Grünigen.

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